Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Address; New Adventures

I may have hinted about it here or there, but, this is the official announcement .... we are moving to Baton Rouge.

We've spent a good part of the last month organizing and dispersing of all the unnecessary items. And now, we are officially packed and waiting for the movers to arrive tomorrow morning.

Now, Baton Rouge is just 65 miles from here, so it makes for one very long day ... pickup and delivery all in one. But, on the high side, this means I'll only have to close the shops for a couple days.  And how does a 1 day move equate to a 4 day business closure?  Well, the patterns alone take up 31 boxes !

Officially Todays Treasure in Mandeville is closed.  We will open as Todays Treasure in Baton Rouge on Thursday.  

Actually, Todays Treasure the sewing pattern shop is closed until Wednesday; orders will be shipped on Thursday.    The Todays Treasure 2 Knit/Crochet Shop will reopen on Tuesday - when internet service is connected.  

I am so excited ... a new home; a new adventure!


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