Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pussycat Pajama Bag Sewing Pattern

I remember when I was a young girl I had a pajama bag that I kept on the pillow of my bed.   My particular bag had a dolls head on top and the skirt was a zipped pocket/pillow type space.   The concept was, after I got up in the morning, I would make my bed and then put my pajamas into the bag, where the would be neatly stored for the next wearing.   WRONG.   But, I did keep a variety of small treasures in the bag.   I thought of it as a super secret hiding place.

Here's a fun Pajama Bag for the same time period - 1964.   They (McCalls), are calling this a Pussycat Pajama Bag.   It's an adorable round pillow type space, closes in the back with an 8" zipper and has a cute kitty face, adorned with felt, buttons and embroidery stitches.   One could certainly get creative here!

In case you'd like to make one for your younger child ... or the younger child in you .... The pattern is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD in my shop.

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