Friday, August 17, 2012

Monkey Yarn Dolls Pattern

Even though the picture is for from sharp and detailed, it is quite easy to see this pair of monkey dolls have a touch of whimsy.

The pattern, from the April 1960 issue of The Workbasket contains a write-up perfect with the times ... or what we know of them from the classic 'Father Knows Best' reruns - "These would make ideal gift or bazaar item.  The youngster, teenager or college girl will want a pair for her very own".     Now I'll agree with the youngster (as long as not too young as there are small facial bits here), I'd have reservations about the desire of the college aged young woman.

The dolls are made of yarn with facial features.  Although the yarn, January & Wood Kentucky Yarns are no longer available, any heavier weight or rug yarn should work just fine.  The girl monkey clothes are also made of yarn, the boy monkey clothes are crocheted.

I've listed this pattern on a FREE BASIS in my shop, should you be interested in making up a couple.  Just stop by,  place you order and I'll send to you by email.

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