Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crochet Braided Yarn Rug

For a couple years, when I was a young girl, we lived in Pendleton, Or.   My mother would go to the Pendleton Woolen Mills and buy bags of wool scraps for $2.00.  (Quite a bargain even for that time mid 1960s).  She would then use these bags of scraps to weave marvelous rugs for our little house.   They were like these (from the North House Folk School).

I was reminded of this while processing the 'So You Want to Make Rugs' book from American Thread.   In the book there are two patterns to make braided rugs using yarn.   Definitely not the same thing, but you know how memories are ... they show up whenever they want.

Here's the rugs  from the American Threads Book.

 For this rug, the braids are made and then crocheted together using single stitch crochet.   It is called, as you might guess - Braided Rug.    It measures 24 x 35 inches.

This rug is almost the opposite - crocheted strips are made and then put together with a single braid as separation.  It's appropriate called - Combine Crochet with Braid.   It measures 24 x 32 inches.

In case you'd like to give these a try, I've added both on a FREE BASIS (with immediate download) to my listings over at Craftsy.    Just click on the link below the pictures.

I hope you make some marvelous braided rugs.  
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