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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crochet Gifts, Coats Pattern Book 226

I've been looking through the Crocheted and Knitted Pattern Leaflet No 226 for some time.  The official name is Gifts and it has a bunch of different ideas for (perhaps) quick and easy gifts to knit or crochet.   I've delayed processing the book, just because there are so many patterns in it to review.  But, as I'm not getting any younger, suppose I should just get on with it !

The Gifts book contains XX projects;  XX crochet and XX knitting.  Grab up cup of whatever you drink, if you're going to preview with me.   Note - there are 26 pictures here; depending upon your internet speed, it might take a minute or two to load.

 Book No 226, Gifts Crocheted and Knitted was re-issued by Coats Clarks in 1945.   I have not yet discovered the first issue date, nor found evidence of a third.   The front and back cover are the same.  

 No 4034 - Hot Plate Mats - The Large mat measures about 9 inches, the medium mat 7 inches and the small mat about 5 1/2 inches.

No 4036 - Frill Doily features a center six point star, surrounded by more than ample ruffles. 

No 4044 & No 4045 Crochet Insertions shown here on towels, but feel free to put them on anything you might like.   These insertions are available as a Free Download in my shop. 
No 4028 Round & Square Potholder Set features fun daisy flower motif made with scraps of red and green felt. 
No 4024 Baby Blanket measures 36 x 50 inches and has a sweet scallop edging. 

No 4026 Loopy Dog & Ball - Crochet one or the other; they are both adorable. 

No 4042 & 4043 Pincusions:   The pattern is a bit misleading named as Pincushions.  The pattern gives directions to made the edging and insertion for purchased (or already made) pincushions.  They are, however, dainty pieces worthy of use.   These insertions are available for free download in my shop, should you be interested. 

No 4035 - Hot Place Mats - Bright and colorful pieces with chain edging measures 
approx. 6 x 8-1/2 inches.  This pattern is available for free download in my shop. 

No 4027 - Potholders - Easy Beginner Potholders that are simple and attractive. This pattern is available for free download in my shop. 

No 4032 - Flower Basket :  A nice accent piece with ribbon weaving, perfect for flowers, potpourri or whatever may suit you.
No 4030 - Crocheted Apron looks to be not just easy to make, but attractive to wear. 

No 4040 - Belt and Matching Bag have an attractive diamond design which is stitched in accordance with the included chart. 

No 4051 - Scuffs are slip-on with a diagonal stripe design.  They require purchases soles.  This pattern is available as a Free Download in my shop.  

No 4048 - Slippers with flower motif are ankle high with a tie closure to keep them in place. 

No 4049 - Crochet Handbag.  This pattern is featured on the cover.  Notice the attractive shell stitch.

No 4029 - Dickey with Crocheted Edge.  Actually, the pattern is for the crochet edging only ... but what a spectacular dickey!  This edging design is available in my shop as a Free Download.

No 4046 - Bed Socks:  These may resemble baby booties, but they are actually a set of misses bed socks.

No 4047 - Bed Jacket:  This pretty garment is also made in Shell Stitch and features purchased lace collar, cuffs and ribbon ties.   It's a romantic piece.

No 4033 - Hanger Covers & Sachet :  Here a closet accessory set - Covers for your wooden coat hangers, sachets as well as a mini hand stand.  

No 4050 - Curtain Pulls or Ornaments - lacy with scalloped edges.   These are quite pretty and useful for many decorative purposes.

No 4041 Luncheon Set :  A simple, yet elegant design includes placemats that are 11 x 17 inches, as well as an 11 x 27 inch runner. 

No 4036 & No 4037 :  Bright and colorful sets of Glass Jackets and Coasters.   Perhaps the coozies will need to move over for a resurregence.

No 4025 Knit  Luncheon Set is made up in strips and connected together for 
the 11-1/2 x 16-1/2 place mats. 

No 4039 Knitted doily measures 16 inches in diameter. 

That's it !   Finally; it took me three days to process and get through all of these.   I wonder if anyone is actually going to make it to the end of the review.

The book mostly meets the expectations of the title theme - GIFTS.   Everything in the book would have made a good gift back in 1949, and a good number still would today.   The only criticism I could venture would be the ratio between the knit and crochet.  We had a whole total of 3 knitting patterns.

I've reformatted all of these patterns and put them in my shop; some for sale and others as a free download, as indicated below each photo, should you be interested.

I hope you enjoyed the photo journal.  Thanks for dropping by.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

One Yard Tops and Shorts Patterns

Back in the mid-1970s, Simplicity put out a small line of sewing patterns to make tops or shorts using one yard, or less, fabric.   The shorts are in the short shorts category, of course (seeing as how one yard doesn't go that far !) and a variety of summer tops.    I'd say these patterns, based on the pictures, were marketed for teens, or the younger at heart (and great legs wouldn't hurt).    These patterns were not only the height of fashions in the mid 1970s, the certainly are not out of fashion for todays standards.   

Here's a few examples - 

Simplicity 6946 - One Yard Shorts 

Simplicity 7547 - One Yard Separates

Simplicity 6902 - One Yard Tops

Simplicity 5511 - A variety of One Yard Short Shorts (Sold)

You can see additional details on these patterns by clicking the link over the pictures.   I'm sure there are additional patterns in the series that could be found by a Google search and I'd suggest a search over a Vintage Patterns Wikia as well. 

Thanks for dropping by,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Two Dress Patterns; Certainly Similair

There are many patterns out there that are quite similar in appearance.  A slight change in collar, sleeves slight different, one round neck and the other v-neck.  I always envision designers, when stumped, just pulling something from the previous years file, making a quick change and tossing it back in the current fashions pile to move to the design table. 

I was flipping through the pages in my shop when I noticed the direct similiarities on this Top Skirt (Two-Piece Dress) combo.  

Simplicity 6287, Copyright 1983
This is cute and quite comfortable looking.  A loose fitting top with a boat neck, short kimino sleeves and waistlength.  The skirt, is gathered, big patch pockets and contrast side panels, just below knee length with a back zipper.    Simplicity also released this etact pattern, picture and all, as Super Saver 6287 the same year.  

See & Sew 5148 (By Butterick), Copyright 1995
Almost the same, just slightly different.    Let's see.  A cuff is added to the Komino Sleeves, and on the skirt, instead of side contrast panels we have a bottom band.  Even the stripes, just a switch between the vertical and horizontal.  

Although, they are different brand names, definitely a recycle.  But, I like them both and I must admit, there are only so many designs to go around.      

These patterns are in my shop (at the moment, anyway); just click the link over the picture to see.     There are also several other pages of 'Two Piece Dresses' should you be interested in browsing.   

Thanks for stopping by, 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fitted Blouse Pattern with Words of Wisdom

As I frequently say, the things I find written on pattern covers, or tucked within the envelope are fun little treasures.    I almost missed one .....

Written right below the New Look on the front envelope

We grow too soon old
     & too late smart
And along the seam edge on the back, a favorite old addage ...

   Grow Old along with me, The Best is yet to be. 

The original owner of this pattern was not only a seamstres, but an appreciator of fine philosphy.   

Not a bad blouse pattern, either.  Nicely tailored with a short waist, long sleeves, shaped hemline and several collar variations.   Pair this up with skinny jeans or a straight skirt for a really fine look.   

Although, at times, I'll erase pencil markings, these ones I'm leaving just as they are !

I've listed this pattern, Multi-Size 8 to 14, in my shop; just click on the above picture.    There are, of course, Pages of Other Blouse Patterns, should you be interested in browsing. 


Monday, December 10, 2012

Blouse-Slip, an Old Gendre?

Listing this pattern, Simplicity 3998, into my shop, the title jumped right out at me ....Misses Blouse-Slip.  

Blouse-Slip?   I'd not heard that term before.   So, of course, headed right over to Google, and found ... nothing.   I did notice that Wikia Vintage Patterns  have a Blouse-Slips Category, althought there is nothing in it.  


I can see where it would come from.  The top is like a blouse and the bottom does resemble a half slip, minus the darts, of course.   Cute collar variations .. would you say that is a round collar?   

I'd say semi-fitted slim skirt.   A very nice mad men style, authentic vintage early 1960s.    

This pattern is available in my shop should you like to stitch up your own.   Imagine, at lunch, with your friends .... "How to you like my new blouse-slip?"   There are, of course, literally hundreds of other dresses as well.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Casual to Dressy; Plus Size Coordinates

Simplicity 6246 - The official Description:   Misses Pull-On Pants, Pullover Top and Unlined Jacket in Two Lengths: Loose-fitting pants have elastic waist, side seam pockets and tapered legs. Loose fitting bias top has boat neck and cap sleeves. Unlined jacket in two lengths, has dropped shoulders and long sleeves.


This pattern has potential written all over it.   Make it up in cotton blends for everyday comfort.  Make up several for mix and match variety.   Sew it up in something silky and wear it out for a night on the town.  

Yes, lots of potential. 


I've listed this one in my shop, it's a multi-size 20, 22, 24.    I have a couple hundred OTHER PLUS SIZE PATTERNS as well, if you'd like to look.  

Thanks for stopping by, 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Crocheted Tissue Toppers From Star 207

I don't know if folks still use tissue toppers, or not.  But, if they do, these are cute !

These tissue toppers are from the Star 207, Make It With Aunt Lydias Heavy Rug Yarn book, vintage early 1960s.   As these books were published without copyright, it is now in the public domain.  What this means is, I can share these patterns with you without concern of copyright infringement.  

So, if you are interested in making new tissue toppers, and like these ... here you go !!



To print this  pattern, click to open each of the pages and then do a copy/paste to your hard drive.   I'm transferring this over from an obsolete blog that I had over at Artfire.    This book Star 207 from American Thread is in my list to document (soon).  When I get it done, I'll update this free pattern to a PDF file.  

In the meantime .... Enjoy .... And, thanks for dropping by !

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another December Vacation and Pattern Sale

It's that time of year again.   Oh ya, Holiday Season, you might be thinking.  But nope.  That's not what I meant at all.  

About the Vacation :
It's that time of year again ... The December Birthday Cruise.   This year, it's the Ruby Princess out of Fort Lauderdale, going to Saint Maartin, Saint Thomas, Grand Turk and The Bahamas.   WooHoo

About the Sale:
As I will not be home, I obviously will not be able to mail Sewing Pattern Orders.  This means I will be placing the Todays Treasure Pattern Shop on Vacation.  You may still place orders, however, they will not be mailed until my return on December 18th.   To compensate you the inconvenience  of having to wait ....

(and that's a whole lot of sewing patterns)

The Knit and Crochet Pattern Shop at Artfire will be closed as they are PDF patterns.  Remember, however, the many of these patterns are now listed over at my new PDF shop at TodaysTreasure.Net with immediate download.

Thanks for dropping by,

So much more than a Fish Placemat

Here it is, right out of the 1950s, a fish placemat.  Technically, a 19 inches long by 14 inches tall crocheted fish placemat.
He's quite cute really.  Put him down on the table in front of any child and you would be a great success.  Now, the child probably would not eat dinner, but have a really great time playing with the fish.

BUT, let your imagination go.  This sweet little guy can be so much more than a placemat.    How about making six of them in assorted colors and turning into wall art.   (Yes, I know, my photoshop skills can use improvement).

Or, make it up in heavy rug yarn and a much larger needle to be small rug for a childs room.   Your imagination is the limit .... let it go.  This little fish has such great potential.

In case you'd like to make some of your own, the pattern is listed in my shop.

Thanks for dropping by,

Crochet a Christmas Bell Ornament

Now here's a fun crochet project, and just in time for the holiday.... a Christmas Bell. 

Make some for your tree.  Create some more and attach to your presents ... a present on the present.   After you crochet the bell, let your kids apply the decoration and perhaps they will become a family keepsake.    Looks like a fast and fun project.   

This pattern comes to you for American Thread's 'Make it with Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn, Star Book 207, which was issued in the early 1960s as part of an advertising campaign.    

I'm transferring this post over from an obsolete blog I use to maintain over at Artfire.    Sometimes soon, I'll do a review on this book and update the pattern to a PDF file.   In the meantime, to print this pattern, just click on the individual pages to open and then copy/paste to a word document.  

If you make the Christmas Bell, would love to hear how it turns out !

Thanks for dropping by, 


Caterpillar Yarn Craft Project, Fuzzy Wuzzy

Meet Fuzzy Wuzzy -- a big yarn caterpillar.  He's created using Heavy Rug Yarn and some rick rack.     The size of Fuzzy Wuzzy is not indicated in the instructions, however, I'm guessing 12" or more.    This looks like it might be a fun project to work with your kids ...   From the instructions, I'm not sure it is secure enough to be considered a toy for younger children. 

Here's Fuzzy Wuzzy, and directions ....


This pattern comes from Star Book 207.  This booklet was part of American Thread's 'Make it with Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn back in the early 1970s .... Another picture of Fuzzy Wuzzy is shown on the front cover. 

 I'm transferring this project over from a blog I had at Artfire that has become obsolete.   I'll have to go and dig this book out, as it looks like I've never documented it for the shops, other than this project.   So ... Star Book 207 will be coming t this blog soon. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lacy Crochet Box with Lid

Recently, I purchased a lot of knit/crochet patterns from an Ebay seller that  turned out to be absolutely delightful.   They were simple described as old 1940s patterns from magazines and newspapers.  This they were ... and so much more, that I'm sure  will result in dozens (and dozens and dozens) of blog posts over the next few months as I route through and organize them.

Let start with this pattern.  It is a clipping from an unidentified magazine.  Just one long narrow strip with tiny 2 x 3 inch pictures (thus the grainy look).

 It is titled - CROCHETED FANCY - A Dressing Table Delight.

The pattern stitch couldn't get much simpler and you decide how you would like to adorn the top.  It's built using a cigar box (or box of your choice) as a base, and shellacing it at the end to holds it's form.

What do you think?   A perfect touch of old fashioned whimsy to store your treasures?  A perfect gift for a young frilly girl?   Or, just so old fashioned it should fade away?

Should you decide you'd like to make one, I've listed the reformatted pattern (with the original pictures) in my shop as a Free Download.

UPDATE ... 6/23/2017 ... Would you believe that this has become the Most Popular Free Pattern in the shop.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kentucky Rug Yarns, Volume 5

This booklet, Kentucky Rug Yarns, Volume 5, has no copyright markings to represent age, however, appears to be from the 1950's.  The book was especially prepared for Kentucky Soft Spun Rug Yarn, however, you will need to substitute to yarns of your choice as this company is now defunct.  The book has a nice variety of (what I'm assuming are) beginner crochet patterns.   The patterns include rugs, hats, pillows, afghans, and more. 

Here, let me show you what's in the book ....
Kentucky Rug Yarns 
 This adorable young lady is modeling the beret and muff pattern !

 Balanced Rug measures approx. 22" x 35".   This design is worked in single crochet with a visual color chart.
 Curler Bag .... YOU KNOW YOU NEED ONE OF THESE !   Okay, maybe not; but I'm sure you could find a variety of other uses.   This is an easy design in puff stitch.  

 Puppet Pot Holder

 Shell -- Make it in your favorite School colors !   There's a scarf, as well.

 Shaded Rug has a double strand of yarn throughout.  

 Rug with Border Design

 The Shell Stitch Cover, measuring 20.5 by 31"

 TV Stack Pillow, measuring 20" by 20" x 4".

 The End .... or better know as, The Back Cover

 There is actually more patterns in the book than the picture shows, such as a belt, dish clothes, bridge table cover, pillows, stocking hat, etc.    I've added a couple of the patterns, as designated by links under the pictures to the patterns that are available in my shop. 

This booklet is clearly marked Vol 5.   I did a few Google searches looking for earlier or later volumes and found absolutely nothing.   I did learn, however, in an interesting article, that they have gone out of business.   

Thanks for dropping by,