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Crochet Gifts, Coats Pattern Book 226

I've been looking through the Crocheted and Knitted Pattern Leaflet No 226 for some time.  The official name is Gifts and it has a bunch of different ideas for (perhaps) quick and easy gifts to knit or crochet.   I've delayed processing the book, just because there are so many patterns in it to review.  But, as I'm not getting any younger, suppose I should just get on with it !

The Gifts book contains XX projects;  XX crochet and XX knitting.  Grab up cup of whatever you drink, if you're going to preview with me.   Note - there are 26 pictures here; depending upon your internet speed, it might take a minute or two to load.

 Book No 226, Gifts Crocheted and Knitted was re-issued by Coats Clarks in 1945.   I have not yet discovered the first issue date, nor found evidence of a third.   The front and back cover are the same.  

 No 4034 - Hot Plate Mats - The Large mat measures about 9 inches, the medium mat 7 inches and the small mat about 5 1/2 inches.

No 4036 - Frill Doily features a center six point star, surrounded by more than ample ruffles. 

No 4044 & No 4045 Crochet Insertions shown here on towels, but feel free to put them on anything you might like.   These insertions are available as a Free Download in my shop. 
No 4028 Round & Square Potholder Set features fun daisy flower motif made with scraps of red and green felt. 
No 4024 Baby Blanket measures 36 x 50 inches and has a sweet scallop edging. 

No 4026 Loopy Dog & Ball - Crochet one or the other; they are both adorable. 

No 4042 & 4043 Pincusions:   The pattern is a bit misleading named as Pincushions.  The pattern gives directions to made the edging and insertion for purchased (or already made) pincushions.  They are, however, dainty pieces worthy of use.   These insertions are available for free download in my shop, should you be interested. 

No 4035 - Hot Place Mats - Bright and colorful pieces with chain edging measures 
approx. 6 x 8-1/2 inches.  This pattern is available for free download in my shop. 

No 4027 - Potholders - Easy Beginner Potholders that are simple and attractive. This pattern is available for free download in my shop. 

No 4032 - Flower Basket :  A nice accent piece with ribbon weaving, perfect for flowers, potpourri or whatever may suit you.
No 4030 - Crocheted Apron looks to be not just easy to make, but attractive to wear. 

No 4040 - Belt and Matching Bag have an attractive diamond design which is stitched in accordance with the included chart. 

No 4051 - Scuffs are slip-on with a diagonal stripe design.  They require purchases soles.  This pattern is available as a Free Download in my shop.  

No 4048 - Slippers with flower motif are ankle high with a tie closure to keep them in place. 

No 4049 - Crochet Handbag.  This pattern is featured on the cover.  Notice the attractive shell stitch.

No 4029 - Dickey with Crocheted Edge.  Actually, the pattern is for the crochet edging only ... but what a spectacular dickey!  This edging design is available in my shop as a Free Download.

No 4046 - Bed Socks:  These may resemble baby booties, but they are actually a set of misses bed socks.

No 4047 - Bed Jacket:  This pretty garment is also made in Shell Stitch and features purchased lace collar, cuffs and ribbon ties.   It's a romantic piece.

No 4033 - Hanger Covers & Sachet :  Here a closet accessory set - Covers for your wooden coat hangers, sachets as well as a mini hand stand.  

No 4050 - Curtain Pulls or Ornaments - lacy with scalloped edges.   These are quite pretty and useful for many decorative purposes.

No 4041 Luncheon Set :  A simple, yet elegant design includes placemats that are 11 x 17 inches, as well as an 11 x 27 inch runner. 

No 4036 & No 4037 :  Bright and colorful sets of Glass Jackets and Coasters.   Perhaps the coozies will need to move over for a resurregence.

No 4025 Knit  Luncheon Set is made up in strips and connected together for 
the 11-1/2 x 16-1/2 place mats. 

No 4039 Knitted doily measures 16 inches in diameter. 

That's it !   Finally; it took me three days to process and get through all of these.   I wonder if anyone is actually going to make it to the end of the review.

The book mostly meets the expectations of the title theme - GIFTS.   Everything in the book would have made a good gift back in 1949, and a good number still would today.   The only criticism I could venture would be the ratio between the knit and crochet.  We had a whole total of 3 knitting patterns.

I've reformatted all of these patterns and put them in my shop; some for sale and others as a free download, as indicated below each photo, should you be interested.

I hope you enjoyed the photo journal.  Thanks for dropping by.


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