Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fitted Blouse Pattern with Words of Wisdom

As I frequently say, the things I find written on pattern covers, or tucked within the envelope are fun little treasures.    I almost missed one .....

Written right below the New Look on the front envelope

We grow too soon old
     & too late smart
And along the seam edge on the back, a favorite old addage ...

   Grow Old along with me, The Best is yet to be. 

The original owner of this pattern was not only a seamstres, but an appreciator of fine philosphy.   

Not a bad blouse pattern, either.  Nicely tailored with a short waist, long sleeves, shaped hemline and several collar variations.   Pair this up with skinny jeans or a straight skirt for a really fine look.   

Although, at times, I'll erase pencil markings, these ones I'm leaving just as they are !

I've listed this pattern, Multi-Size 8 to 14, in my shop; just click on the above picture.    There are, of course, Pages of Other Blouse Patterns, should you be interested in browsing. 


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