Saturday, December 1, 2012

Knit a Ring Cowl Collar Dress

Ring collars, as I understand it, are so named for the resemblance of the way they sit around ones neck .... like a round ring.  In fact, if you look up ring collar in Google images, you'll find alot of pictures of dog collars. With just a little more drape, it could easily become a cowl, but it's not.  

I have two patterns in in my shops that are for ring collars, which are remarkably similar.

This Ring Collar dress is sleeveless, straight with a tie belt.   It is sized 12 to 16 and comes out of a 1966 issue of Fashioncraft.

And this Ring Collar dress is of the two piece variety with a straight skirt and a pullover tunic.   It is sized 10 to 16 and is vintage 1965 from McCalls.

Both are certainly attractive and an easy wear asset to our wardrobe.   Personally, I'd go with the two piece dress and have the opportunity to pair up that great neckline with jeans as well.

These are listed in my shops, (see links under the pictures), along with lots of other knit dress patterns, should you be interested.

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