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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crochet Afghan Patterns for Teens

As I've mentioned before, I can see some of the original strings that folks put into Google that landed them on a specific item in my shop.   Sometimes the reason they arrived is obvious, and sometimes it is a complete mystery.   Ahhh ... the mystery of Google.      Like this one.

Search :  Vintage afghan for teenager.

And this is what they received.
Vintage Crochet Afghan Pattern in Ripple Motif and Pointed Edges

Now, this is a very ripple indeed; and a teenager just might like it, but I'd think this would be more in line for the guys.
Granny Block Motif Crochet Afghan Pattern
Strawberry Patch Ripple - in another color of course. 

Crocheted Plaid Afghan Crochet Pattern is Two Toned and Fringed
Or, how about the Plaid Tartan

And for our girls ... well, let's frill it up a bit !!!

Vintage Granny Square Crocheted Afghan Pattern in Flower Motif
Perhaps this colorful floral piece ? 

Crocheted Tassel Starfish Afghan Pattern
Or one with big tassels to play with while on the phone? 

I suppose I should get creative and start tagging the patterns with all the possibilities to help Google out, but, the possibilities are endless !     The mystery shopper did not select the ripple pattern.   I do hope that he/she doesn't just leave it up to Google to find what they are looking for !

Thanks for dropping by. 

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