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Crocheted Neckwear Vintage 1930s Style

Crocheted Neckwear, Book 55 from The Spool Cotton Company goes all the way back to 1935.   I'm going to make a bet that is older than any of my readers.     I came across this book recently and it is so luscious that I moved it to the top of my 'TO DO' stack, versus putting it on the bottom of the hundreds of patterns in waiting.

And, TO DO it, I did.   It took a couple days to get the patterns and pictures scanned, reformatted and into PDF format.  And another day to get them listed and now ... last but not least, I'm going to do a photo journal in my blog.   Why?  Well, this one is both lovely contains some fun and creative patterns that I just must share with you.     All of the patterns call from Clarks O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet Cottons and varying sizes of Milwards Steel Crochet Hooks.

Whereas I frequently say "get a cup of coffee or tea" to sip and enjoy, for this book, you might like to add a small snack as well.    Here we go.

On the front cover ...
Lace Frill Jabot - No 2027 : A full ruffled beauty of a jabot!

Cameo Collar - No 292 :  Columns of lace supported on a round neckline base and snap closure. 

V Neck Double Frill - No 259 :  Mesh band drops to a low V and ties at breast level; then edges with a double row of lace.  

A Handsome Net Collar - No 294 : Band closes at the front of the neck with small covered buttons and the attached netting sweeps gracefully across the shoulders. 

The Kerchief - No 2033 :  Attractive two tone scarf to tie, whichever way you may choose, around your neck or head.  

Striped Collar with Ties - No 273 :  The first row at the neck continues to become the bow tie.  I would think one could put a button/loop on the collar instead of the ties and wear it in the reverse. 

Sectional Collar and Cuff Set - No 2017 :  Crocheted in sections that are whipped together.  I particularly like the high flared neck, which is matched across the wrists on the cuffs. 

Ribbed Collar - No 253 :  Fine detailed ribbing, that at a distance, almost looks like baby pleats.  

Double-V Collar - No 2031 :  Full double layer V in the front, extending below breasts and ties to another double V ties in the back.  

Bib Collar - No 258 : I would imagine this unusual design is termed a bib versus a jabot due to the lack of frill.  It is still eye catching (and potential useful at mealtimes!). 

Scalloped Collar - No 290 :  This lovely pieces brings us to the point to saying ... truly, can there ever be too many scallops?

Shell Mesh Collar - No 2018 :  Fold one scarf double and wear it around the neck like a collar. Pull the other scarf through this and wear as a bow as illustrated. 

Knot Stitch Collar - No 51 :  A knot stitch ruffle around the neck, followed by two more partial ruffles to form a jabot, of sorts.  
Triangular Chain Mesh Scarf - No 214 : This scarf, loose and airy, has a cowl effect under the chin. 

Frill Collar and Jabot - No 244 : Band collar with long double edge ruffle is attached.  The small pearl buttons down the front add the additional 'just right' touch. 

Jabot in Knot Stitch - No 296 : Soft and romantic.  This is the only one that could not be worn as detachable. 

Empire Collar No 2030 :  A clerical type design with a tiered jabot.  This is quite an unusual piece
 that just keeps going. 

Irish Crochet Collar and Cuffs : This collar is a square neck beauty with scalloped edges.  
The cuffs nicely correspond. 

Tailored Collar and Cuff Set - No 293 : Simple piece, created in downward ribbed like rows with a changing pattern stitch and tightly scalloped edges. 

Irish Rose Collar and Cuffs - No 2032 :  Delicate Irish mesh lace with a small rose motif the combines bows outward to create a double bow illusion.  Note the fold over band at the wrists on the cuffs.

Eton Collar Set - No 52 :  Technically, an eton is a broad white collar worn over the lapels of a jacket.  And, this would certainly work.  Again a bit of frill, button loop front neck closure and scalloped edges. 

French Scarf - No 2020 :  Long decorative scarf that you can either tie or pin. 

Dentelle Collar and Cuffs - No 266 :  Round lacy collar with semi-pointed ends that criss-cross in the front.  Lacy edge is nicely repeated on the delicate cuffs. 

Tailored Bow - No 297 is made of four triangles and a strip knot.  The Irish Mesh Bow - No 2001 is a delicate lacy delight. 

Butterfly Bow - No 2000:  Knot stitched bow with rounded edges and a diamond motif. 

Jabot - No 2026 : Front jabot that extends of the shoulder to a split jabot, of sorts.  Worked in a stitch that gives it a checkerboard effect. 

The inside cover of the back page gives us the only promotion shot in the booklet - Clarks O.N.T. threads and a lacy collar in progress.

And, on the back cover ....
West Point Collar - No 2015 : - a jabot of sorts, with a most interesting faux buttons at the shoulders.

So, there we go - 28 patterns in all.  It appears that 1935 may have been the year of the jabot considering how well they are represented.  Some interesting styles, nice variations, frilly laces, and a couple just a bit over the top conversation starters.     The models all perfectly reflect middle upper class females, as portrayed by their hair, clothing and jewelry styles, which would lead me to assume that was their desired market.   

It is a lovely pattern book, indeed.    I have restored the patterns and pictures and they are available individually in my shop, as indicated by the links under the pictures.  

I hope you enjoyed the photo journal.  Thanks for dropping by.  

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  1. Great job on your pictures Lorrie! I'm eyeing the V-neck double frill #259. Thanks for posting.