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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It is a Victorian Shoe Applique

And, it is a Free Pattern .  Okay, technically, it's a Shoe Applique Tote Bag.   But, the bag, although perfectly functional, is just a so-so felt rudimentary felt bag, whereas the applique placed on it deserves to shine.

To be even more precise, it is a Victorian Shoe.  (Very much like the boots popular today).  This set is cutely adorned with a little rick rack, sequins and seed beads.   They are an absolutely perfect adornment for a tote bag - even if you are not hauling shoes.  They would also be cute on a number of other things, I'm sure.

This pattern comes to us from a 1958 issue of McCalls Needlecraft.   I love these old magazines.  They are such reminders of where we came from.     For Example, this bag has a chart to follow for the applique.

The instructions have us grid a piece of paper to 1/2 inch squares and trace to arrive at the pattern.   Thank you technology - where we can just pop in our personal home copier/scanner and print just to the size wanted.

I'm planning on making a pair of these shoes on Friday.   Perhaps you would like to as well.    Just in case, I've listed in my shop as a Free Download.  

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