Friday, January 11, 2013

Linen Doilies, Two Free Patterns

Tucked into the 1947 issue of The Womans Day Annual, are two doily patterns that feature a linen center.      These type of doilies were especially popular to place heavier items; better protecting the surface of fine wood tables.  

These two doily patterns both start out with cutting out and stitching the linen center.  Of all these patterns I've seen, they is never any suggestions on what to use for cutting of the center.  I always picture the person standing at the cupboard with a ruler looking for a plate or saucer that meets the dimension requirements.    I recall, in the 1960s, you could buy the linen centers in sewing shops, however, do not know if that was available in the 1940s.

Both of these are simple as well as attractive.  

The Knot Edge Linen Doily starts with a 7 inch linen center to which
 2 1/2 inches of knot stitches are added. 

The Linen Center Doily starts on a 5 1/4 inch linen base surrounded with a sun motif
 and lacy inserts taking it to 8 1/2 inches. 

These old patterns still have a lot of life in them in todays' home.   Perhaps you would like to give them a try !
Just in case, I've listed both in my shop as Free Downloads.   Just click the links to go to the item.

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