Friday, February 15, 2013

Crocheted Hat using a Pillbox Frame

Everyday I learn something new.   And, each day, as I grow older, I realize how little I actually know - versus when I was much younger and thought I knew everything.    What did I learn today .... you might ask.    

Well, I was proofing this really sweet pattern from National Needlecraft, vintage 1940s war era and one of the materials jumped out at me.    It said "Pillbox Hat Frame with Indented Crown".

Hat Frame?   In the couple thousand  patterns I've reviewed, I have never seen reference to a hat frame.   So, off to Google I went with a pillbox hat frame search request.   What did I find .... you might ask.

 Some from felt (although this certainly isn't a pillbox)

There are also many different blog type sites giving directions on how to make your own hat frame.  

And that is what I learned new today.   (If you didn't know this, now you do as well!).   

My crochet skills are almost non-existent so this will not help me make the particular hat I started this post with (although I'll keep it in mind for other projects).   

But, should you like to give it a try, I've listed the set - hat, peter pan collar and clutch handbag, in my shop. 

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