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Beehive Baby Book, Patterns To Knit & Crochet

I have been working on Columbia Minerva Beehive Baby Book for a couple days know.   I think I've finally got it to a stage where I can share it with you.     Like almost all baby knit and crochet books, this one - Beehive Baby Book Volume 723 - has the most adorable babies and toddlers.  

Shell Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern
723-29 - Star Shell Baby Blanket graces the front cover.  A perfect gift to baby, or in a different 
set of colors, a great addition to the couch ... perfectly lap size at 36 x 50 inches.

Vintage Crochet Bear Rug Pattern
723-1 & 2 :  Crocheted Bear Rug and Crocheted Animals - How cute is this !  The rug is 30 inches long and the stuffed dog, cat and rabbit are 9 inches tall.  

Infants Baby Set Knitting Pattern
723-3 Infants Knitted Set indicates the little hat, booties and a buttoned jacket.  
Notice the little bands and pompoms. 

Picture Coming Soon 
723-4 Infants Crocheted Set - includes a ribbed blanket, jacket and bonnet.  All have sweet scalloped edges.  The set is size 6 months. 

Baby Blanket Jacket Booties Knitting Patterm
723-5 Infants Knitted Set, consisting of a hooded jacket, mittens, booties and blanket has a nice waffled type pattern stitch.  This set is also sized for 6 month old baby. 

Vintage Girls Baby Set Knitting Patterm
723-6 Infants Crocheted Set is certainly designed for a girl with crocheted in ribbon bow ties 
and a little round collar.  This set is size 6 months.

Infants Knitted Leggings Jacket Pattern
723-7 Infants Knitted Legging Set - The jacket, bonnet and mittens here are real sweet,
but the one piece legging is absolutely delightful. 

Vintage Baby Knitted Set
723-8 Knitted Legging Set with ribbed footie and buttoned shoulder straps have
matching jacket and bonnet. 

Knitted Bay Blanket is 40 x 40 inches
723-9 Knitted Shawl or blanket measures 40 x 40 inches and is nicely fringed.

Vintage Puppy Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern
723-10 Crocheted Blanket has 4 different puppy motifs embroidered and tri color fringe all the way around the 28 x 32 piece. 

Vintage Boys Knitted Cardigan Cap Pattern
723-11 Boys Cardigan with Matching Cap is sized 2, 3, and 4.  Bound to be a set that he won't object to wearing.
723-12 Girls Coat with flared skirt, front buttons and back belt band also sized 2, 3 and 4

Toddler Knitted Pullover Sweater Patterns
 723-13, 14, 15 - Three knitted slipovers toddler sized 2, 3 and 4

732-16 Knitted Cardigan with different embroidery and lace motifs.

723-17 Ribbed Cardigan is adorable with button down collar and patch pockets at the side edges.
 This one is also toddler sized at 2, 3 and 4.

723-18 Girls Dress and Bolero.  Empire dress with definition stripes, three quarter sleeves,
 and a cute bolero.
723-18 Boys Suit with long sleeve cardigan sweater and shorts.
Both outfits are great dress-up wear for the little ones sized toddler 2, 3 and 4.

723-20 Childs Cardigan worked in stockinette stitch.  Rough and ready for your toddlers.

723-21 Raglan Sleeves Cardigan for a complete fashion statement.

723-22 Crocheted Headband for little girls is lacy in the front with popcorns in the middle and held secure with neck ties.   This pattern is available as a Free Download.

723-23 Knitted Headband.  Here is a very similar headband than the one above, but knitted.
It is also available as a Free Download.

Girls Vintage Mittens Hat with Flowers
723-24 Knitted Cap and Mittens; a pretty accessory set for the girls.  Both the cap, with neck ties, and the mittens have flower embroidery. 

Knitted Childs Hood Mittens Pattern
723-25 Childs Hood and Mittens keeps him all covered up and warm.

Vintage Baby Socks Knitting Pattern
723-26, 27 & 28 - Argyle, Plain and Cable Socks for boys and girls size 4 1/2 to 7 1/2

And the back page is the same as the front.

And, that's it -- the highlights of all 42 pages.  It's a well rounded book with equal offering for the babies and the toddlers (who, of course, we still consider our babies).   Typically I process as many patterns as possible for the shop, but in this case there were a numbers of sts references that I was not sure how to handle, and as such, I didn't.     The patterns that I did process have links under them, should you be interested.   The two girls headband patterns are offered as free downloads.   

My favorites here are the two sets of knitted leggings for the babies and the little girls coat is just too cute.   Your favorites ?  

Hope you enjoyed the review.   Thanks for dropping by, 

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  1. I just adore the little girls in the headbands. I used to wear this same type when I was little. The little girl model looks so much like my sis and I at that age that I had to order for nostalgia sake!

    Thanks Lorrie.