Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crochet Flower Block Afghan Pattern

I received an email this morning from a very nice woman in Australia that has been looking for a specific mail order crochet pattern.   She has been searching for the pattern as part of her pattern was destroyed.   I'm assuming that she found me through my Design Inventory Page, however, I'm not sure of that.       She had indicated that it was through the Parade Mail Service.

This is a quite nice, and VERY LARGE afghan.   Made up of 11 inch floral blocks, that are joined to make an afghan that measures 69 x 95 inches.   This is more than a afghan, is is a blanket.

 I did a few searches and figure it must have come up late 1980.  A newpaper search shows it was advertised in the Finger Lake Journal on 11-8-80, the Lewiston Morning News on 5-15-83 and The Leader Post on 6-9-84.

 Each of the advertisements are basically the same, and consistently marketed by Laura Wheeler.

Anyway, I pulled it out the pending drawer and completed the scans, converted to word doc, reformatted, put into a PDF (whew!) and listed it in my store.   It needed done, and now it is !

Perhaps she'll send me a photo when she's done ... these design pictures are never that great.

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