Friday, April 19, 2013

Modern Knitting Magazine Rant

I know that I just had a Modern Knitting Magazine rant the other night, but, when an opportunity to rant presents itself, I must proceed !

So, the subject is incomplete patterns and ridiculous requirements.   And, here's the most recent example.
Okay, it's a nice little layette set; knitted with the usual crochet.  There is a blanket, a long sleeve pullover shirt with shoulder tie, booties and there in the back - a pixie hat.  So, what's my beef?   Well ....

There is no size beyond the reference to baby - no 0 to 3 or 3 to 9.  Yes, a baby is a baby, but even I know babies come in different age sizes.
And ....
That sweet little Bow Tie motif is not included with the pattern.  The instructions read - Mail for Embroidery Chart.   So, Mrs. Modern Magazine Reader, after putting up her money to buy the magazine, now has to put a stamp on an envelope and mail off for the pattern .... waiting however, many weeks it may take to receive. That just seems so trivial.  

Okay ... now, trying to be open minded ...  It is a nice basic layette set if you are looking for no frills.   (Although the little Pixie is adorable).   I don't sell incomplete patterns, but as this one certainly has merit, so I've listed it as a Free Download in my shop.

Thanks for dropping by.

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