Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vintage Bead Bag Crochet Pattern

One of the things that drives me nuts in processing these old patterns ... particularly those form magazines ... is the lack of details in the front end.   Take this beaded bag, for example :

Free Vintage Beaded Bag Pattern

Now, it is a cute little bag.  Round like a little cylinder with a box top type lid that fits over, and both the bottom and top bands are beaded.   There's a nice thick strap there, for ease of carrying and the bag is lined.

So, what's my complaint you might ask?   Well, it's a bit lacking on (believable) details.   The actual crochet directions indicate the bottom of the bag is 4-1/4" wide and the top is 4-3/4.   The height is not stated at all, and the handle is 14 inches.   Now, to me, a 15" handle sounds mighty out of proportion if the bag base is just 4-1/4 inches.   And, the bag calls for a lining part number.   I suppose these must have been sold where you would have bought the yarns; which may derive the size.   But now, you'd have to make the bag and then make a pattern for the lining ... or go unlined.

See what I mean?  Vague.   Oh, I forget to mention ... it's 1949 from the Spring issue of Modern Knitting,

Well, I'm certainly not going to list a pattern for sale that I can't, at least with some comfort value, give you a good description.    So, I'm offering this one as a Free Download .. should you be interested in giving it a try anyway.    It does look like it might be a great little bag to hold stuff .... like bottles of finger nail polish on the counter.

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