Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alice in Fashionland, A 1920s Fashion Show

Browsing through the old newspapers in Google is becoming quite a pasttime for me.  Or, perhaps I should say a distractor.    I was out searching for a date and branding on a specific mail order crochet pattern, when I stumbled on Alice in Fashionland, and immediately, there went the next few hours .... followed by more, with more to come.   Perhaps there is a reporter in me.   I just can't seem to quit the story till I get to the end.

It's late summer, 1925, and the Milwaukee Sentinel Newspaper, in conjunction with the Retail Fashion Community decide to do daily fashion promotions in the society pages.   They held a contest to name the fashion series, which was won by Mrs. Victoria Lowe of Racine, WI with her suggestion of Alice in Fashionland.   Her prize was $5.00.  (full page add is on Page 19)

These ads represent clothing available - obviously geared towards the upscale woman - in local merchant Main Street Clothing Stores.  
September 29, 1925 - The artwork was by Mr. Warner Kreuter, and the delight descriptions by Mrs Alice Patricia.
October 13, 1925 - The original promotion indicated there would be weekly ads, as well as a Sunday full page article.   I've been able to find about 70% of the weekly ads, but none of the Sunday promotions, which are mostly not available.

October 29, 1925 - In addition to clothing, just as you might expect, their are also adds for a variety of accessories, both fashion and personal - like luggage, makeup kits, etc.

I've been capturing and processing all these old ads from screen prints.   I adore both the pictures and the creative artwork.   I've been posting one of them, in chronological order, on my Facebook Business Page and then storing them in one of my Alice in Fashion Facebook Album, should you also love these old pictures and care to follow along.

In looking ahead at some of the ads, it appears there are some writer changes, move from the society page, etc.   As I get to these parts (I'm still working January 1926 at this time), I'll update this post.

I hope you enjoy the pictures (should you browse further).

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