Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mail Order Knit Crochet Patterns

I've now collected quite a number of the mail order pattern.  A have a few that are quilting and sew, but for the most part, my collection consists of knitting and crochet patterns.   I don't have any exact count yet, but I am going to say around 450.

If you have been knitting or crocheting for any given time, I'm sure you are familiar with these patterns.   Most of them will have the words Design written across the top of the photo.   There were (might still be) mail ordered through newspapers and magazines from the early 1930s to present.  (Sewing patterns go back to the 1890s).    Their format look like these.
Laura Wheeler 974 Pineapple Jacket Crochet Pattern
Design 974 - A lovely Pineapple Jacket
Mail Order Design 847 Crocheted Mother Daughter Cape Pattern
Design 847 - Shell Stitch Cape

Laura Wheeler 851 Crochet Doily Mail Order Pattern
Design 851 - Doilies

At this point, if have less that 20% of the patterns available in my shop.  These patterns are quite consuming to get listed as I rework them into a standard size paper document, with the original pictures; each one taking several hours.   

I have been wanting to put them all on display.  After some thought, I decided to add them all to one of my Facebook Albums, with notations under each picture.   This way, should you be looking for something specific that is in my collection, you can let me know and I'll move it to the top of the stack for processing.  They are also, of course, just great fun to look through.  

To view the collection, go to my Mail Order Design Facebook Page
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