Monday, December 23, 2013

Mail Order Design Pattern 624

Okay, so those of us that love the mail order patterns have come to know that the major player is one lone company - Needlecraft Services - that distributed their patterns under a number of different marketing names; such as Alice Brooks, Laura Wheeler, The Star, Readers Mail, and many individual newspaper or magazine names.
As I've built the my mail order pattern collection, I've learned a variety of tidbits about these patterns. For example, the same pattern was seldom distributed under more than one major name or number. And, the individual pattern numbers may have been used multiple times. The case at hand (that I'm looking at today), is Design 624.
I have three individual Design 624 patterns in my current selection.

Design 624, Crocheted Accessories; Marketing name currently unknown.

Design 624, Crocheted Shawl Marketed by Laura Wheeler in 1978
Design 624, Crocheted Swan Chair Set, Marketed as Laura Wheeler in 1948.
Laura Wheeler 624, Crocheted Swan Planter, 1986
The crocheted jacket on the left, Design 624, of course, was released as Laura Wheeler (with the addition of crafts in the name), in 1986. The lovely swan planter, also Laura Wheeler is 1956. Now, I said just a bit ago that it is unusual for the same pattern to be issued under different numbers. Well, that's very true, but at times, the patterns are 'almost' the same, with subtle variations.
Like this one, Design 7132. On first glance, it looks like a repeat of Laura Wheeler 624 (the swan planter, of course). But, Nope. This one is slightly larger with a couple extra pineapple motifs.
I have no doubt, before this collection is completed, I just might find more Design 624's.
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Homecrafters Crochet Patterns

I've again come across the name 'The Homecrafters" and will say that I'm just a bit perplexed.   I had four Homecrafters patterns in my mail order collection.  All are crochet patterns, and are in reworked for the shop.

Homecrafters 327, Ruffled Doily Crochet Pattern

The new pattern I worked today is identified as Homecrafters 312 - a filet crochet half or bibbed apron, that includes only charts, not even a picture of the completed apron.  (It's not often I see a pattern that vague).  

So, why am I perplexed?  Well, it's the name -- The Homecrafters.   Now there are quite a variety of names that the mail order knit and crochet patterns were marketed under.   And, I've been able to find information, be it from Google News advertising clips, Copyright entries in Google Books, the web, or others that have mail order patterns and are blogging or selling them on Ebay.   But, the Homecrafters .... nope .... nothing. 

The patterns are on the full size sheets, as are all the other patterns, but the back of the sheet is printed with patterns for woodworking projects; such as chairs, tables, benches.   The address is listed as PO Box 45, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, NY.   Now, Old Chelsea Station is right where the Needlecraft Services and other mail order patterns kept their PO boxes, so this falls right in line.  The patterns will be pre-1963 as they reference the 2 digit postal codes.  

And, that's all I know.   I've Bing'd, Google, even browsed Dogpile and, as I've already said ... nada.  

Mysteries always bother me.   So ... if you know anything about The Homecrafters, I'd love to hear from you !!!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Columbia Minerva 756 Crochet Collection

Here's a marvelous book from Columbia Minerva  - Book 756, Crochet Collection.   Just like the title implies, there is not a single knitting pattern to be had.   The book, early 1960s, features tops, jackets, dresses, and a couple coats.   And don't let me forget the suits ... very Jackie O in styling.  Now, I've carefully worked through each pattern and have to save that most are all on easy side; with only a couple being more moderate.

There are 25 separate patterns in the book.  

Book 756, Columbia Minerva Crochet Collection
756-1 Two Tone Suit is worked with two closely contrasted color tones, giving it that tone on tone look.

And, for Columbia-Minerva, a rather short introduction. 

756-2 Princess Suit - an attractive two piece set with straight skirt and jacket.
756-3 Double Breasted Suit - Similar in style, but is double breasted with the marvelous double notch collar. 

Lace Crocheted Shell Pattern
756-4 Long Shell in a pretty shell stitch, with scalloped edging.
756-5 Shell gives us a light and airy pattern stitch; so perfect for summer

756-6 Suit Pattern - Straight Skirt paired with nicely trimmed open front jacket.
756-7 Afghan Suit in afghan stitch, of course, includes a comfortable waist length jacket and skirt.

756-8 V-Neck Pullover with striped bands is rated E (for easy, of course)
756-9 Raglan Sleeve Sweater also has striped color bands at hemline and sleeves.

CM756-10 Crochet Sweater is a simple pullover with checkerboard trim.
CM756-11 Crochet Sweater with low V-Neck with contrast band at openings.

CM756-12 Walking Suit is made in a Shell Stitch Motif and includes both a long skirt and overcoat.
CM756-13 Crochet Sleeveless Dress with Matching Jacket and tie belt

A collection of easy to crochet, easy to wear dresses grace the center fold.   With a change of accessories, these all have potential of going from casual to dressy.
CM756-14 (far left) - Simple sleeveless dress in allover shell motif with scalloped edges.
CM756-15 - (2nd from left) - Star stitch straight dress with extended shoulders and boat neck.
CM756-16 (bottom center) - Lovely crocheted dress with square neckline and collar,
and raglan sleeve cap.
CM756-17 (right back row) - Easy straight dress with extended shoulders and a lovely round collar.
CM756-18 - (Far Right) - Columbia are referring to this beauty as an Ivory Macrame.

CM756-19 Shell Jacket with adorable faux pockets and scalloped edges.
CM756-20 Shell Pullover Sweater with allover motif and long sleeves.

CM756-21 Crocheted Coachman Coat has shoulder has the finishing touch of epaulettes and is
 lined in taffeta.
CM756-22 Long Coat, side buttoned with dolman sleeves and a roll collar.

CM756-23 Evening Skirt and Top, employing both a harlequin design and
lacy shell stitch top.

CM756-24 - Three piece suit with lined jacket and skirt is easy enough for beginners.
CM756-25 Three Piece Suit is a stop more to the intermediate to advanced artist.  The detachable collar and cuffs are delightful.

So there you go.   A fair number of upscale designs to update your wardrobe, as well as some classics that are both easy to make and easy to wear.    The styles of jackets and pullovers are a bit on the short side, just as you'd expect for the early 60's, but add a few rounds here and there if that's not your current style.   I am particularly fond of the double page spread of dresses.  But, that's to be expected, as I always love a dress.   You, what do you favor?  

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Alice Brooks Design Catalog

I recently came across another of the Alice Brooks designs catalog.    It's full magazine size, standard black and white photography and totals 24 pages in all.

The contents, as you might expect, are of the typical mail order variety.  

 There's a delightful assortment of childrens sewing patterns, 

 And sewing patterns for toys and dolls, 

 Womens fashions for sewing, knit and crochet, 

 And, of course, delicious designs for crocheted home decor. 

And, the catalog could not be complete without transfers. 

The catalog is not dated.   I do have a several of the patterns represented in my shop and a quick check showed the catalog to represent designs between 1946 and 1956.  Based on this, I'd say this book was issued 1956 or early 1957.  

The center pages contain two simply patterns that were included as free to customers.   I've added these two designs to my shop listings  --- Free, of course.   The complete pattern shows in the below pictures, however, go to the shop should you like a full size page in PDF format. 

 I've posted all of the pages of the catalog in one of my Facebook Albums, appropriately called Alice Brooks designs, should you like to look through the entire book  

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