Monday, December 23, 2013

Mail Order Design Pattern 624

Okay, so those of us that love the mail order patterns have come to know that the major player is one lone company - Needlecraft Services - that distributed their patterns under a number of different marketing names; such as Alice Brooks, Laura Wheeler, The Star, Readers Mail, and many individual newspaper or magazine names.
As I've built the my mail order pattern collection, I've learned a variety of tidbits about these patterns. For example, the same pattern was seldom distributed under more than one major name or number. And, the individual pattern numbers may have been used multiple times. The case at hand (that I'm looking at today), is Design 624.
I have three individual Design 624 patterns in my current selection.

Design 624, Crocheted Accessories; Marketing name currently unknown.

Design 624, Crocheted Shawl Marketed by Laura Wheeler in 1978
Design 624, Crocheted Swan Chair Set, Marketed as Laura Wheeler in 1948.
Laura Wheeler 624, Crocheted Swan Planter, 1986
The crocheted jacket on the left, Design 624, of course, was released as Laura Wheeler (with the addition of crafts in the name), in 1986. The lovely swan planter, also Laura Wheeler is 1956. Now, I said just a bit ago that it is unusual for the same pattern to be issued under different numbers. Well, that's very true, but at times, the patterns are 'almost' the same, with subtle variations.
Like this one, Design 7132. On first glance, it looks like a repeat of Laura Wheeler 624 (the swan planter, of course). But, Nope. This one is slightly larger with a couple extra pineapple motifs.
I have no doubt, before this collection is completed, I just might find more Design 624's.
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