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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Butterfly Chair Set, Crochet Pattern

I was just processing a mail order pattern for my shop - Alice Brooks 7170.  While proofing the pattern, I kept thinking "didn't I just do this pattern".  But, since I check to make sure I don't do the same patterns twice, I knew that not to be the case.   I went on the hunt to clarify the situation.

I currently have four different patterns in the shop for crocheted butterfly chair sets.  Interestingly enough, all 4 are mail order patterns.   They are ...

Butterfly Crocheted Chair Set, Mail Order 5155

Mail Order Butterfly Doily Chair Set Pattern is Design 7111

Butterfly Doily Chair Set Design 7170, an Alice Brooks Mail Order Pattern
Alice Brooks 7170 - 1950.  This pattern was also marketed as Alice Brooks 7106.  

It is the last two (Design 7170 and 7111) that I thought were the same.   Well, almost, but not quite.   The butterfly chair back section is the same (although pattern wording has slight differences), but the arm rests have slight differences in the outer pineapples.   The other two are distinctly different. 

There are other mail order crochet butterfly sets out there that I've not yet been able to add to the collection.  When I do get them, I'll come back and update this email so we can continue looking at the differences. 

Thanks for dropping by. 

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