Saturday, January 4, 2014

Crochet Chair Set Patterns

This afternoon I was scanning several Mail Order Patterns that were Filet Crochet Chair Sets, which got me to thinking that I've probably listed enough of these patterns in the shop for them to have a category of their own.   A quick check showed 27 patterns, just so they are no longer crowding the doilies, if nothing else.

Chair sets have been popular since the late 1800's.   In those times, they were typically fabric with embroidered designs.   In the early 1930s, crocheted chair sets hit the scene and were immediately quite popular in the home making department.   Patterns, particularly the mail order variety, were entering the market with lovely designs that appealed to the frugal (remember this is war-time era), housewife.  The chair sets remained quite popular into the mid 1950's, then began fading away.  My guess would involve more women entering the work force at this point, as well as more durable fabrics on the furnishings.

I do not see much demand for these patterns, however, continue to restore them because, as I've already said, they are quite lovely.

Birds, Butterflies and animals were quite popular.
Swan Crocheted Doily Chair Set, Mail Order Design 624

Butterfly Doily Chair Set Pattern, Mail Order Design 410
Laura Wheeler 410, Butterfly Chair set

Filet Crochet Puppy Flower Chair Set Pattern

As were floral displays, and of course, anything with a pineapple motif. 

Crocheted Flower Basket Doily Chair Set Pattern, American Weekly 3178

Laura Wheeler 117, Pineapple Flower Doily Pattern

There's quite a few to look at, should you want to see more ... just wander over to the Crocheted Chair Set Category.  

It is sad to see these lovely designs slip by the wayside.   They have such potential.  We'd just have to stop thinking of them as Grandma's chair set, and more like framed wall art, or doilies, or pillow insertions, or ????

Hope to see you browsing the new category.    Thanks for dropping by. 

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